Friday, July 1, 2016

Staying Safe on New Hampshire Highways During the Fourth of July Weekend

Holidays are memorable times of the year, when families and friends come together and engage in cookouts, firework displays, and alcohol consumption. These celebrations tend to bring out the best and the worst behaviors in most people, usually drivers. The 4th of July commemorates the Independence Day, and many drivers take their celebration of Independence to the highways of New Hampshire. Safety is not a major concern of someone intoxicated or impaired behind the steering wheel. Millions of people are injured or killed on the highways, during national holidays; especially, around the Fourth of July weekend.
Drinking and driving, and setting off fireworks are a deadly combination, but there are ways to avoid becoming a statistic and a victim. Here are three tips to staying safe, and avoid DUI in New Hampshire during the Fourth of July weekend.

Safety Tips 

1.    Do not drink and drive - vision and reflexes are impaired, and reaction time is slow. Drinking affects judgement, and coordination. These are the skills needed to make good driving decisions.
2.    Designate a driver or call a taxi service - know your limitation. Never drink and sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, after consuming two or more drinks. With each drink consumed the alcohol levels in the bloodstream increases.
3.    Buckle up - drivers and passengers without seatbelts are ejected from the vehicle, during impact. For safety reasons, and to preserve life, remember to wear a seatbelt, always.

Alcohol affects drivers in different ways, depending on their alcohol level in their bloodstream. Some drivers pass out behind the steering wheel, which puts not only their life, but also others, life in danger. Statistics shows that alcohol impaired drivers in New Hampshire account for a large percentage of deaths, injuries, hospital care, emergency services, and legal proceedings.

A Collective Action Issue Brief # 6- September 2014 provides the following information about (IMPAIRED DRIVING IN NH). According to this information: 

•    More than 300,000 people drive drunk each day
•    About 1/3 of all impaired drivers are repeat offenders
•    Nearly half of the drivers killed in collisions were under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•    Drunk driving is highest among drivers age 21- 25 (23.4)
•    Males are more likely to drive drunk than females

The information above does not reflect the total number of DUI arrests, injuries, or deaths associated with drivers in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire statistics are as follows: 

•    Every three out of fours arrests for DWI are males
•    Most arrests for DWI occur during the weekends
•    Majority of arrests for DWI occurs between 12 midnight and 3 AM.

Stay Safe While Traveling

Driving out of town or in town is dangerous during certain hours of the day, especially during the Fourth of July. People are rushing to get on the highway, or beat the traffic on the interstate. This accounts for most accidents, and injuries. The best way to stay safe is to not drink and drive, do not speed, and keep a look out for impaired drivers. Be sure to gas up, and get the vehicle serviced, before getting on the highways.

By Joseph Annutto