Friday, September 2, 2016

Avoid Auto Accidents & Injury - Labor Day Safety Tips in NH

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Top Causes of Accidents Each Labor Day

The National Safety Council is reporting that traffic fatalities are at an all-time high as the percentage of accidents taking place continues to increase. The state of New Hampshire actually ranks 3rd in the list of the largest increase among driving fatalities. The study has found that the increase in fatalities due to car accidents is due to the economy improving and travel picking up within the last two years.
This year alone, as many as 19,100 individuals were killed from January to June. This is an 18% increase from just two years ago for the same time frame. As the Labor Day weekend draws near, the council is predicting that over 400 people will be killed on the roadways.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

As a driver or passenger, you want to stay safe this Labor Day holiday. It is important to understand the causes behind such fatal accidents so you can avoid them. Below are a few tips to follow in regards to your own driving as well as the driving of others.

•    Avoid driving over the speed limit
•    Do not text and drive
•    Watch out for erratic drivers
•    Avoid aggressive drivers, slow down and allow such drivers to pass
•    Distracted driving is a big no-no. Always keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention to other motorists.

When you see a driver acting erratically or feel unsafe on the roadways, take an alternate route home. You want to stay safe and other drivers may not have your safety in mind. Avoid taking major highways during the Labor Day weekend to avoid drunk drivers or aggressive speeders. If you can, avoid driving altogether so you do not face the potential of being in a fatal car wreck.
This Labor Day is set up to be a dangerous one based on statistics. With fatalities during car accidents continuing to be on the rise, it is recommended that drivers avoid the roadways late at night or only travel when needed. As everyone gets out on the road during the holiday, traffic can become congested which can lead to aggressive behavior or other issues.

What to Do if Involved and Injured in an Automobile Accident

If you find that you are subject to a traffic accident, consult an attorney. Be sure that you are covered based on insurance purposes as well as liability. An attorney in New Hampshire with experience in traffic accidents and injuries will be able to help you build a case if there is a need.

By Joseph Annutto