Thursday, October 22, 2015

Safe Trick or Treating this Halloween in New Hampshire - Injury Lawyer Nashua

Halloween Safety Tips For New Hampshire Residents

Halloween is upon us and  New Hampshire residents and towns are getting ready to invaded.  Halloween is celebrated by all sizes and ages of ghosts and goblins. 

Like the rest of the country, the highlight of the Halloween celebration for little folks in New Hampshire is going trick or treating around the neighborhoods.  The car accident rates for New Hampshire is one of the lowest this season.this season, however even just one Halloween-related accident would be tragic. 

To ensure  a fun-filled evening out in the streets of NH,, here are some Halloween safety tips. 

•    Always use sidewalks. Don’t walk on the street except to cross at pedestrian lanes.

•    Follow traffic signs and lights.  At roads with no signs, steer clear of any oncoming car, and don’t attempt to cross the road when a fast-moving vehicle is approaching.

•    Since most trick or treating is done at dusk and after, make sure that you and your fellow trick or treaters carry lamps and flashlights, or wear very light or fluorescent colors.  Don’t use candles or lighters to illuminate your way.

•    Walk in groups and keep track of everyone in your party.  Learn to wait for each other before proceeding to the next house.

•    Always look both ways before crossing streets.  And always cross on pedestrian lanes.  If there are no pedestrian lanes, cross at the corners.

•    Plan your route beforehand and discuss it with family members and friends.  This way, your group will already know where to go.  Or in case anyone loses something, you will know how to retrace your steps.

•    For kids under 12, always have an adult with you during the trick or treating.

•    Visit only homes that have lighted porches.

•    Don’t attempt to enter abandoned places.

•    Stay away from dark areas. 

•    In case of any accident, get help immediately.
•    Have a parent or other adult inspect your goodies before you eat them.  Throw away any open or damaged packages. If something looks suspicious, throw it away.

 By Joseph. Annutto